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What does the icon of Juneyao Airlines say?

- The icon of Juneyao Airlines as an enterprise is an Auspicious Phoenix, an international interpretation of Chinese traditional cultures to express a century-old company and its devotion to providing the best service for its customers home and abroad.

- The design of the icon was inspired by an ancient Chinese round jade pendant patterned as an Auspicious Phoenix.

- Phoenix soars freely in the sky spreading prayers and blessings for safety and peace around, which is a perfect metaphor for the aviation industry. What is Phoenix, actually? In Word and Expression written by Xu Shen in Han Dynasty, the scholar wrote: Phoenix was 'born in the gentlemen's kingdoms in the Orient; it flies beyond the entire world, even higher than Kun Lun Mountains, drinks water in the midstream, washes feathers in remote rivers, and rests in the wind cave. Phoenix represents the peace of everything.

- Also in Chinese traditional cultures, a gentleman's virtue or character is often compared to jade. Jade is an auspicious charm with rich humanistic connotation; meanwhile, it is the symbol of Juneyao Airlines' qualities - wise and honest, optimistic and persistent. The brand of Juneyao Airlines is jade-like: clinging more and more strongly to what it believes in and where its values lie as weathering through time.

- The main color pallet for the icon is implicit claret-red and elegant gold, two colors of luck in Chinese cultures. The colors and the design of Auspicious Phoenix are perfectly blended by a French designer and modern processing concept for lines and patterns to form a complete idea of a blessing (Gold is Yin and Jade is Yang). The design fully reveals the harmonious coexistence of Chinese and world cultures and the commitment of Juneyao Airlines to providing the best and convenient services not only in China but also across the world. The Yin-Yang connotation is the combination of stability and passion, calmness and dynamics, which are the only combinations to paint the most beautiful color, to draw the most magnificent icon, to call the most powerful force and to create the flawless eternity. The icon has them in it: the ability to take the universe and the ambition to offer the world peace. It is what Juneyao pursues to realize its own values.

What do the crew uniforms of Juneyao Airlines say?

- With claret-red, purple and gold as the base colors and Chinese Cheong-sam as the theme. Stewardesses' uniforms are designed to unveil the classic image of Oriental ladies, elegant, considerate and modest; meanwhile, modern feminine charms can also be easily observed: intellectual, wise and independent. The silhouette draws up the attractive lines of Oriental ladies.

- The adoption of bold pallet and round tailoring in western design greatly levels up the uniforms in terms of quality and taste, giving an international touch to the traditional Cheong-sam. In the cabin, the match of claret-red and purple distinguishes Juneyao from other airlines which use single color for uniforms; at the same time, the color combination reflects the innovative spirit of Juneyao Airlines aiming to, in every possible detail, give travelers comfortable journeys.

- A special design detail can be found in both stewards' and stewardesses' uniforms: an auspicious knot and an auspicious button, meaning the joyful union of dragon and phoenix in the air. They bring out the crucial feature of the uniforms design: a combination of Chinese and western cultures.

- Food serving aprons feature in bright color combination, to complement the unique and functional design as well as first-class fabrics. The use of colors demonstrates the international perspective of Juneyao Airlines as the colors draw the most beautiful paintings in the clear sky.